Educational Consulting Services

Translation and Interpretation Services
JLara Consulting works in partnership with Multicultural Community Services (MCS), a community based organization to provide translation and interpretation services to various Washington, DC government agencies. MCS has a long history of providing excellent translation and interpretation services to agencies in District government and other non-government organizations in the DC metropolitan area. JLara coordinates the process of contracting with translators and interpreters who perform these services in a variety of languages as requested by agencies of DC government. In addition, JLara Consulting performs translating services in Spanish for MCS and independent agencies.

Translation & Interpretation

Education of English Language Learners (ELLs) & Ethnic-Minority Students
JLara consultants bring years of experience designing programs for English-language learners and training school personnel to work effectively with students from diverse cultures. Our consultants conduct leadership training programs, assess effectiveness of services to ELL learners, inform planning and development of English language proficiency assessment products, conduct research on best practices focused on ELL learners and students with disabilities, and design school surveys to pinpoint areas for improvement.

English Language Learners

Research, Program Evaluation and Survey Development
JLara Consultants have led small and large research and evaluation projects for non-profit organizations and foundations, state education agencies and programs within the U.S. Department of Education. Their expertise is in the fields of Title I, ELL services and instruction, special education, and in-school and after-school improvement and change. Research and evaluation activities include designing research studies and impact evaluations; developing and implementing surveys; pilot testing instruments to ensure validity of results; collecting and analyzing data; and communicating qualitative and quantitative results to varied audiences.

Research & Evaluation

Training and Facilitation Services
JLara Consultants assess training needs and develop and conduct responsive programs. They facilitate strategic planning, problem solving, and strategy development with cross functional teams. Their services are designed to build working teams across racial and ethnic groups, and to develop leadership. Their approach involves identifying key issues and challenges, creating agendas and planning meeting logistics, convening groups and leading discussions.

Strategic Development

Process Documentation and Product Development
JLara Consultants are experts at observing and documenting policy implementation and practice. They generate documents as part of needs assessments and research and to determine agency and program effectiveness and efficiency. They create products for all aspects of program development and implementation. Included in their product development are meeting agendas and agency and program plans, school improvement reports, workbooks, practice guides, and on-line decision- making tools.

Policy Implementation & Practice



We ensure results by measuring your progress and providing you with a top-of-the-line training facility as well as the opportunity to take advantage of nutrition and training programs catered to your needs.


Well lit with natural light coming in through 100 feet of glass windows. Spacious with nearly 22,000 square feet. Conveniently located in the east wing of The Galleria next to H&M with easy access and ample parking.


Professional features include a posing room with angled mirrors to nail down your posing routine, deadlifting platforms, rogue deadlifting barbells, AstroTurf run and bumper plates for Olympic weightlifting.

Personal Training

All trainers are professional, nationally certified, and knowledgeable in the fields of fitness programming, exercises physiology, sports specific training and general nutrition.   The trainers provide the first assessment free-of-charge to all members to encourage further participation in our structured personal training programs. During this initial assessment session, members are guided through proper exercise technique and form and will be offered the chance to sign up for additional sessions based on their individual programming needs.

Complimentary Screening & Assessment

We test your fitness levels through our complimentary screening and personal training assessments in order to design a program that considers your medical history and fitness goals.

Aerobic Capacity


Lean Mass




Body Fat Mass





Engineered Fitness.

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