JLara clients are partners in a bold effort to share our vision & support for educating diverse student populations and to forge connections across all educational service sectors.

Current Clients

Multicultural Community Service (MCS)

JLara Consulting is working as a subcontractor to MCS to assist MCS in the fulfillment of its contractual obligation with the government of the District of Columbia. MCS has a newly awarded citywide contract to provide translation and interpretation services to various agencies of the District of Columbia in multiple languages. As s subcontractor, JLara Educational Consulting coordinated the process of hiring and compensating translators and interpreters for services provided to various agencies. In addition, JLara Consulting offered translation services in Spanish under this contract, and for other non-governmental agencies.

Past Clients

Department of Employment Services (DOES), Government of the District of Columbia

JLara consulting is the prime contractor on a task order from the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services. In partnership with the Multicultural Services Center, the company hires bilingual interpreters who assist during judicial processes and hearings. JLara performs all contract management tasks such as interfacing with government client, compensating subcontractor, and monitoring expenditures.

Manhattan Strategies Group (MSG)

JLara Consulting received a contract from MSG to assist in a feasibility study focusing on English learners and dual language programs implemented in early childhood grades (k-3). This research effort was funded by the Office of English Language Acquisition of USDE. The company provided expert advice regarding best practices research, dual language services to EL learners at the district level, and the policy context that framed dual language services to young EL learners. JLara wrote the policy context section of the final report.

Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) District of Columbia

Convened a professional development seminar for teacher of ELL students (ESOL/bilingual) focusing on language development. The training placed emphasis on strengthening teacher ability to teach oral language and vocabulary development for academic discourse. Workshop presenter and facilitators showed examples of the Common Core Standards performance expectation to contextualize the training. Lessons were modeled to ensure teachers could apply newly learned strategies in their classrooms.

Synergy Enterprises, Inc.

During the fall 2011, JLara Consulting was contracted to assist with a USDE funded research project designed to identify and showcase high-quality language instructional programs serving EL learners. JLara visited a high school in the state of New Jersey implementing a high-intensity sheltered English instructional program. JLara gathered information about program design, instructional practices, non-instructional supports to ELLs, and program staffing. The information was compiled into a report, which along with other reports was compiled into a practical guide for practitioners serving EL learners. The document was scheduled for publication by United States Department of Education.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

JLara organized and delivered a professional development session focusing on academic language. The session was directed at ESOL and general education teachers scheduled to teach beginning level ELL learners. In addition to coordinating the professional development event, JLara conducted follow up research to assess teacher use of the instructional approaches learned. Teacher observations were conducted during summer and the fall of 2011. A report documenting findings was written and submitted to AACPS.

New York City Board of Education

JLara Educational Consultants prepared and delivered two presentations at the request of the New York City Board of Education. The first presentation was directed to school principals at the annual Leadership Institute of the Office of English Language Learners (OELL) in October, 2010. The second presentation also sponsored by OELL was directed at high school teachers and was convened in November, 2010. The topic of both meetings focused on Common Core Standards and the Implication for ELL students.

United States Department of Education, Washington, DC

JLara Consultants developed an on-line survey to elicit base-line information from 13 high schools regarding services to ELL students as they transition from the middle school to the high school. Research findings were documented and reported to USDE.

National Council of La Raza, Washington DC

JLara Consultants conducted and analyzed results of an on-line survey that elicited information regarding early childhood services provided by NCLR affiliates. The deliverable for this project was a report documenting the survey results.

National Indian Education Association, Washington, DC

JLara Consultants wrote a report documenting the deliberation of Native educators on strategies that support the success of Native American high school students.

Aspira Association, Washington, DC.

JLara Consultants reviewed the contents of web sites containing information regarding educational services to Latino parents and their children, pre-K to college level.

South Carolina Department of Education

JLara Consultants coordinated all task related to the completion of a 0n-line tool designed to assist educators with decisions regarding accommodations for ELL students on large scale state assessments.

District of Columbia Public Schools, Office of Bilingual Education (OBE)

JLara Consultants conducted a review of the Dual Language Programs implemented in eight schools across the District and wrote school specific reports.

CNA, Arlington Virginia

JLara Educational Consultants assisted this non-profit corporation in the development of programmatic ideas and writing of a proposal for submission to the US Department of Education.

Kauffman Associates

JLara Education Consultants drafted an Indian Education Research Symposium Report that captured the deliberations of a meeting on Indian student education. In addition, JLara developed a plan of action on Indian education and state education agencies. The plan of action was submitted to USED on behalf of the Indian Education Network of CCSSO.

Urban Institute

JLara Educational Consultants conducted a review of a report on ELL students and NCLB.

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